Two unrelated breeding pairs left. They are growing.


Ginger and black piglets have arrived!

Rosie gave us two ginger and black boarlings. Because they are highly desirable, and I only have the two, I will be selling them only as part of a breeding pair for $1000. The pairs will be Wilson’s Gina /Tuahuru (solid black)X Mahia Love/Rona and Jenny/Tuahuru (black and white)X Mahia Love/Rona and will be ready to leave the farm the end of May. I will not be breeding my ginger and black sow any more and am looking for a ginger and black boar to get more color going here. Place your deposit today!

Cross your American Guinea Hogs with Kunekunes

Kunekunes crossed with American Guinea hogs are a great cross. You will have a much more mellow pig, great mothering instincts, and less rooting behavior. Kune boars are fertile at 8-10 months. We have One breeding age boar available right now!

Now we can read microchips.

Just received a new hot pink Halo scanner. Some states require a scanner to be sent with when shipping. Stupid that the state requires a microchip, but they don’t have a way to read their own. Now we can screen lost pets as well.

EASTER PIGLETS-hobbit sized for your shire

The first of three expected litters has arrived. Sire is Kopascz, our Tuahura boar. Sow is our gentle Sophie who is Wilson’s Gina bloodlines.WIN_20160327_21_01_03_Pro

Spring is in the air!

This warm weather brings life to the farm. The bees are buzzing, bringing in pollen from blossoming silver maples and pussy willows. The poppies and spring bulbs are breaking through the thawing earth. The sows bellies are fat with piglets. Our miniature Highland bull, Duncan, is bucking, kicking and spinning to show off his prowess to his adoring cows. Much work to be done to prepare for spring babies. Just ordered a Farmscan M 50 ultrasound to be able to ‘see’ what is going on. It is supposed to work for dogs, goats, pigs, cattle; hope it gets here soon.

Bring on the Piglets

Stopped at Farm and Fleet to grab two more heat lamps and heat pads. Tomorrow would be the day, IF they mated the first day they were put together. Both Laty and Rosie look ready, but maybe a couple more weeks for Sophie. The young coos really enjoyed Alex being home. They got extra walks and brushing…I’m sure that there were a few extra treats involved as well. Mc Kenzie is too young, but that didn’t stop her from backing up to the fence to show Duncan what she’s working with. She really mooooooved him…lol.

I think we are ‘in pig’!

Bellies are looking fat, so we dis some separating and moved the boars in together in the bachelor pad. Rosie is not happy the girls are back with her. Fingers crossed for piglets in the next month.

Happy Holidays from Mike and Kathy Kruk and All of the critters at Ravenwood Farm


Breeding pairs now available.


Strong, solid Mahia love x Rona boars with Jenny x Ru or Trish x Ru gilts.

$1000 unregistered homesteaders or $1200 registered, dna tested and microchipped.